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Gravurtechnik V.Krause

Cell Check Brilliant

ist ein speziell für die Magazingravur entwickeltes Messsystem.Es zeichnet sich aus durch den sich halbautomatisch positionierenden Kamerawagen,der mit dem Messwagen ineinander gesetzt ist.Die Kamera fährt im 45° Winkel von der gegenüberliegenden Seite der Gravursupporte auf Fokusposition an den Gravurzylinder.

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LED illumination for Stylus Allocation Gauge

Specially selected LED’s with high brightness and small light-cone enables us to modify the Stylus Allocation Gauge eliminating the need for expensive fiber optic cables. A surge suppression unit in front of the LED eliminates the possibility of damage to the LED and regulates its brightness.

Conversion kit prices on application

Time required for complete overhaul: 2,5 Std.

Central Pipe Equipment Carriage 3025 Adapter Plate

The rubber sleeves on the support connections of the central pipe are often ripped resulting in a less than optimal suction of the vacuum system. Replacing the rubber sleeves on the Equipment Carriage Type 3025 is very time and cost intensive because the equipment carriage must be separated from the machine base. To solve this problem, we developed an adapter plate that is installed over top of the funnel ensuring an airtight seal. With this adapter plate, defective rubber sleeves can later be replaced in a cost effective and timely fashion.

Adapter plate and rubber sleeve package prices on application



Suction nozzle

Our suction nozzles are designed to function optimally with type A, B, C and D Hell-engraving-heads. The suction nozzles are produced using CNC machines guaranteeing high product quality. The large suction vent is designed to vacuum copper flakes from a large area around the cutting diamond and the edges of the suction opening are tapered to maximize their removal. The walls of the suction nozzle are especially thick in areas prone high wear. The suction nozzle is hardened and nickel plated ensuring low wear and long life.

As a special order, these nozzles are also available for the engraving slide of the MDC Daewyler system The vacuum tubes are often prematurly damaged or destroyed.

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Filters, Filterbags

The filter material used in the production of our filters as been specially selected and tested to ensure optimal performance while filtering out the copper chips, and thereby protecting the turbine. The filter material is the optimal compromise between functionality, effectiveness, durability, and cost. It is highly recommended to change the filters at least once a year, as the vacuumed dust tends to clog the pores of the filters. This is especially important with Sprint engraving systems because the vacuum system is also designed to function as a cooling system for the engraving head.

Long filter set prices on application

Preis Filtersack prices on application


Absaugschlauch Suction Hose Engraving Slide

The original plastic tube isn’t designed for the mechanical stresses caused by the copper chips during removal. Our PVC tubing guarantees a considerably longer lifetime. Additionally, the extra ring on the end of the tube makes a mechanical seal on the external diameter of the connection nipple ensuring the highest possible vacuum and higher mechanical stability. The tube is somewhat less flexible than the original and therefore the scraper must be newly adjusted.

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